February 2018 News



– We are finishing up the third quarter of school on Friday. Time has gone by so fast!

-We had a student teacher with us, Noah Graham of Geneva College, PA. It was great being able to teach with him.

– I was able to go to Pachimulin and minister to 300 kids there. We were able to provide 100 kids with school supplies and tuition for this school year! A huge answer to prayer!

-There was a tragic multi-car accident that claimed many lives this week. It was a bit traumatic and close to home.

Life in Guatemala

Wow! The things that have happened this month have blown my mind. There have been some extremely good things and some terrible things. The good things include going to Pachimulin and being able to be a part of providing school supplies to the kids there, having a student teacher, traveling around Guatemala, and teaching and mentoring kids.

Through all of these experiences God has been showing me that he can accomplish many things through little, ordinary, me if I am willing and actively seeking opportunities to join God in the work he is doing. I have had to live with my trust fully in Him the past few days and have had to surrender my wishes. At times this month I had to just stand and watch, be patient, and wait (all of which I did not find easy to do).

God wants to do great things through you too. And He already is. I would encourage you to spend some time with God and ask Him to show you where He is at work around you. Then join in! You will start to experience God in ways you have not before. This has been my experience this month.

So…the bad thing that happened was actually this past week. There was a tractor trailer who lost control of its breaks and hit 24 other cars on one of the main highways. Seventeen people did not make it through the accident alive. I cannot imagine the trauma that the people went through who were involved. I only saw pictures and it was very heart wrenching. This crash occurred right past the church I am attending, on a road that I travel every week. On one hand, I am extremely thankful that I was spared such an ordeal as well as many others I know. On the other hand, I was extremely saddened by this and my heart goes out to those who were affected. My prayer is that God would work through this tragedy in some way. Please join me in prayer for these people. They are going to need God to get through this.

Prayer Request

– For good health

– For good time management

– For wisdom in teaching

– For the kids in Pachimulin

– For the families who lost loved ones this week.


– God continues to provide in all things

-God was able to provide school supplies for 100 kids through us!

– The students have been doing great behaviorally

– God is in control

Student Spotlight

KayLee: I like to play and eat chocolate. I also like animals. My favorite verse from the Bible is the verse that says “if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord then you will be saved.” Please pray that I will not get sick this school year.
Allison: I am a happy person and I like to play. One of my favorite verses is Psalm 37:1 “do not fret because of those who are evil or be envious of those who do wrong.” Please pray for a friend of mine who does not believe in God.

Verse of the Month
“Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom.” Psalm 145:3 NIV


One thought on “February 2018 News

  1. Nancy Shank

    I so much!! love reading your news updates!!! Thank you for the reminder to find out where God is working and then join Him there. Was just thinking about that this week. Missed getting to see you when you were home. Maybe next time. We are now worshipping at Elizabethtown BIC.

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