May Mischief



– We are on our last week of school!

-We have had many great school events the past few weeks, one of them being Sports and Splash Day.

-We have had many baptisms at church lately and have been able to build a house and provide beds for a family in need.

-Rainy season has started and it is really hot and rainy.

-I will be coming back to visit PA on June 3rd.

-I am looking forward to the break if summer!

Life in Guatemala

The past few months have been really life changing. I was able to witness the baptism of one of my students and many others. Our church has been able to build a house for a needy family and provide beds for them to sleep in. I also personally have been going through some changes for the better. For a little while I was questioning my purpose and direction. God has re-affirmed me in what I am doing and has been very gracious to send friends at the right time to help me work through things and to hold me accountable. I have been stretched in my patience and in my giving.
It is coming time again for more changes. Some teachers are leaving back to the States, and some students. Changes are hard for me, and saying goodbye is even harder. Unfortunately it has become a constant thing in my life. I have had to learn that people leaving, does not mean that they don’t care or that they are “leaving me.” I myself have left many. It does not mean a lack of love or care…just that we are being called to a different location. God has been teaching me that although I feel “left”or alone…that He is there and that He is enough. I’m still learning, but I have experienced a peace beyond understanding and there has been healing for the hurt feeling inside. Two things I know for sure: God loves and God provides.
My hope and prayer is that you all would get to continue experiencing God in deeper and fuller ways. He is enough. He loves, and He provides.
I will be coming back to the USA on June 3rd and I will be around until the end of July. I would love to catch up with you all and hear how God has been working in your life. I am also looking for people who would like to join what I am doing by supporting me financially each month. If you are already supporting me financially and would like to continue, please let me know.

If you would like to support my ministry in Guatemala financially please visit

Prayer Request

– For good health

– For good time management

– For Nicaragua

– For a productive summer “break”.


– God continues to provide in all things God was able to provide school supplies for 100 kids through us!

– The students have been doing great behaviorally

– God is in control
Verse of the Month
“Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom.” Psalm 145:3 NIV

Student Spotlight

Zuel:  Am very caring and a daughter of God. This year I learned that God is omnipresent and that even though I am alone, God is with me. Please pray for good health, a holy life, and God’s presence.

Elim: I love chocolate. One thing I learned this year is that Ms.Heisey is the best. She is so kind and helpful. Please pray that I would have a kind and patient heart, that I would be kind, and not lonely.

Abi: I have curly hair and I love God. I enjoy math and science. I think Ms. Heisey is the most funny teacher in the world. Please pray for our maid, because her mother died this past year.

Caleb: I am funny, fast, and smart. My favorite verse is Psalm 147:5. I got baptized this year. Please pray for good health.

Sam: I have black hair and I am Korean. I like sports. My favorite thing about the Bible is that it tells us that God will love us forever and ever. Please pray that I would read the Bible more and continue to seek God.

summer garden yellow petals

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