Update from Guatemala



  • Teacher in service went well and we were able to end our time with fellowship at a park and do some team building activities
  • We started school on August 15th and the first three days went well.
  • I am teaching 4th grade and have 14 students. We have had someone step in to teach 3rd grade for the first semester.
  • I have been able to meet new teachers and spend time with past teachers.
  • Rainy season is still in effect and it is really hot and rainy.

Life in Guatemala
This past month has been a month of changes. I transitioned back to Guatemala and have met many new people the past two weeks. The transition is going well and I am happy to
have a routine again. This summer I was able to complete my continuing education credits to keep my certification for the next 5 years, get re-certified for ACSI, and visit friends, family, and supporting churches. It was a good break and I am feeling refreshed and ready to go for this upcoming school year.

The class I have this year seems to be a really talkative, but fun class. We have had some great discussions and questions being asked the first three days already. I am excited to see where this year will take us.

I have been encouraged through many of you: financially, through your words, your testimonies, and your prayers. God has been working with me in how to deal better with conflict and confrontation. He has shown me that it is better to communicate than to harbor discontentment and grudges. God has been working at freeing my heart and showing me how to love others better.


Student Spotlight
This year I have 14 students. There are 6 boys and 8 girls. They are from Guatemala, the USA, and Korea. There is one new student to the class. Everyone else has been at our school for at least a year. The new student has fit it and is adjusting well. It helps the she knew some of the kids in the class before coming.

As a class they are a very talkative bunch and love making connections with their experiences. Many of them seem to enjoy school for the most part. I think it’s going to be a great year.

On another note: I was able to get a new teacher’s chair. I don’t get to sit very often, but now I have something nice to sit on.

I went from four years of this:                                   To this wonderful upgrade:

Prayer Request

  • For good health
  • For good time management
  • For the students and me as we start the school year
  • For wisdom and discernment


  • God continues to provide in all things. I have been able to receive the support needed for this upcoming year.
  • I had a safe and uneventful trip back and am adjusting back to life in Guatemala well

Verse of the Month
“Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom.”
Psalm 145:3 NIV



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